To Be And To Last #17

This week we explore Softbank’s latest (crazy?) investment, a guide to finding fulfillment at work, and a supersonic baseball (or five).

Softbank has been keeping busy

Like a Robinhood trader on steroids, Softbank has invested roughly $4 billion in options on individual US tech stocks - mostly betting on market growth. The results have been mixed: Performance thus far has actually been quite positive, with the company raking in (paper) profits. On the other hand, Softbank’s stock has dropped precipitously since their strategy became public, as many investors are fearful that this could turn into another WeWork situation.

Regardless of the eventual success of their investment, it seems much of this summer’s stock growth can be directly attributed to Softbank.

Ever seen a supersonic baseball?

For 13 years, Destin has made scientific entertainment an art form, and his latest video might just be the best yet. Warning: watching this will make you want to become a scientist, buy a large property, and build things.

Are you more of a pioneer or a town planner?

Part of finding happiness in work comes from choosing the right work in the first place. To that end, I found this chart to be enlightening, especially as I see myself in the middle section: taking something that mostly works and building it into something more systemic. Provokingly, this of course generally means working yourself out of a job. (source)

Do you know the answer?

Patrick Collison (co-founder/CEO of Stripe) maintains a fascinating list of unsolved questions: Why are certain things getting so much more expensive? Why are there so many successful startups in Stockholm? And more.

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